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From around the turn of the 21st century, the way people access to financial services has evolved substantially, contactless payment and touch sensors are introduced, buttons and keyboards are definitely gone. As the demand of users increases, the financial industry is
increasingly focusing on digital technology to meet the needs of banks and their customers in the 21st century , and among them, especially the introduction of touch screens is being promoted.

Our role in the financial field

Banks depend on ATMs or dedicated self-service terminals for daily transactions (cash withdrawals, deposits, payments, etc.) to reduce operational costs and improve customer convenience. Since Zytronic’s PCT projection touch technology has been in use for more than 10 years for these applications and the touch sensor functions in any outdoor weather conditions, system designers can set up terminals that can be installed in any environment You can make it. Zytronic’s latest products can be integrated into a touch screen compliant with the PCI (credit card industry), enabling securely encrypted data entry to meet the most stringent international standards.



Zytronic ‘s PCT projected touch technology has been used safely in financial applications for more than 10 years, so it meets the requirements completely. The PCT touch sensor can create a terminal that can be installed in any environment and can function in any outdoor weather conditions.

Zytronic’s touch screen also provides ATM designers with useful options such as privacy filters and thick tempered glasses that can withstand nearly all shocks and attacks. In addition, because electronic security is the most important for the same application, Zytronic develops its own touch controller and incorporates chipset and touch detection firmware into a credit card industry (PCI) compliant system to be encrypted It is possible to create a touch screen.

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Zytronic is a pioneer in projection touch technology. Since 2000, we have been developing touch sensors with excellent durability and stability. Our proprietary proprietary PCT ™ (single / dual touch) and MPCT ™ (multi-touch) products offer both accuracy and strength to self-service and industrial touch screen system manufacturers. Our know-how and process cultivated through more than 40 years of experience in glass processing and laminating is the only one in the industry.


At our company we export more than 90% of our products to customers all over the world through agency and specialist network, and the Zytronic sales team established in the following countries backed up in full. UK, USA, Taiwan, Japan



Customers can find all details on Zytronic’s proprietary touch sensor technology from the links of our company’s drivers, manuals, data sheets, educational videos and touch controller products in this website. You can also receive online support or quick telephone support from our UK team consisting of engineers and scientists, and on-site sales and technical support staff visit by advance reservation.

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