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Maximize the use of our glass processing technology (profiling, drilling, curved glass, tempered glass, screen printing technology etc.) to our casino game market where custom demand such as slot machines and table games are strong, promptly to customers It is possible to deliver a touch panel that fits your unique unique design specifications.

Our role in the leisure field

Interactive displays are becoming increasingly popular in our daily lives and have been in widespread use in the leisure industry for many years. For example, it offers a consumer an intuitive and enjoyable user experience with bar and bar service entertainment terminals, video jukeboxes, paid touch screen games. Zytronic’s proprietary MPCT and PCT touch technology attract customers with a beautiful and unique design and satisfying heavy users with fast response time enables businesses to earn revenue commensurate with investment Proven It provides reliability.




Zytronic PCT ™ and MPCT ™ touch screens can fully meet these requirements. In addition, the touch sensor can be customized based on client’s needs. The options are as follows.

  • Almost unlimited choice of size and glass thickness
  • Special glass processing options including antireflection, mirror finish, antibacterial
  • Bespoke edge finishing, improving functionality and appearance, cut out, hole, slot, border screen printing
  • Depending on customer’s specification, it is possible to select flat or curved touch screen.


The Zytronic MPCT ™ sensor significantly increases the touch resolution while maintaining millisecond response time by increasing the density of the touch data captured on the screen. Also, a multi-user function that supports over 40 simultaneous touch points brings an attractive experience to users. Recommended product:





Zytronic is a pioneer in projective touch technology. Since 2000, we have been developing touch sensors with excellent durability and stability. Our proprietary proprietary PCT ™ (single / dual touch) and MPCT ™ (multi-touch) products offer both accuracy and strength to self-service and industrial touch screen system manufacturers. Our know-how and processes cultivated through more than 40 years of experience in glass processing and laminating are the only ones in the industry.


At our company we export more than 90% of our products to customers all over the world through agency and specialist network, and Zytronic sales team established in the following countries backed up in full. UK, USA, Taiwan, Japan



Customers can find all details on Zytronic’s proprietary touch sensor technology from the links of our company’s drivers, manuals, data sheets, educational videos and touch controller products in this website. In addition, you can receive prompt online or telephone support from our UK team consisting of engineers and scientists, and on-site sales and technical support staff visit by advance reservation.

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