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12 7月 2022

Touch Technology Innovator Zytronic (Headquarters: Newcastle, CEO: Mark Cambridge, hereafter: Zytronic) is a Japanese partner of the company, Dissign Co., Ltd., which specializes in touch display integration. Developed its ultra-thin, double-sided touch LCD display "infoverre ® " as an interactive touch screen module for well-known chain stores as a drive-through quick service restaurant (QSRs) in Japan. Announced. It has also been introduced in displays for single-style indoor self-service orders. The rugged yet sophisticated unit features the Zytronic all-weather ZyBrid ®  15.6-inch multi-touch sensor, combined with the company's proprietary ZXY500 projected his capacity and his controller for direct contact with the display surface. Is a feature.

In 2021, DiSign acquired the infoverre ®  glass signage business from AGC Inc. with the agreement to further develop its technology. This display solution successfully suppresses the light reflections normally caused by the different refractive indexes of each board in the interface of multiple stacked boards. Whereas traditional touch screen systems can cause reflections from the front and back of the touch sensor, as well as from the display surface, the innovative infoverre ® construction limits reflections to the cover glass or the surface of the touch sensor. This has greatly improved visibility (applying anti-glare technology and anti-reflection treatment can be expected to further improve visibility).

Mr. Yasuyuki Takatani, President and CEO of Dissign, said: “Infoverre products are installed and used extensively as information signage in public facilities, railway stations, retail stores, etc. Making these products interactive also opens up new possibilities for self-service. On the display. Our knowledge of making it possible to attach protective glass directly to the product and Zytronic's highly reliable glass touch screen technology are a perfect match for commercialization. "

The QSR kiosks used in this project are installed in public areas, and the touch sensors are each 4 mm thick heat-tempered glass for optimum impact resistance. In addition, the anti-glare etching surface makes it easier to see the display even in direct sunlight. Also, in combination with Zero Air Gap Technology, parallax effect and image visualization are further improved compared to traditional outdoor high-brightness touch screen systems. DiSign has integrated these technologies to successfully reduce the brightness of the LCD backlight, which can help save electricity at the QSR Kiosk, reduce operating energy costs and even protect the environment. ..

Zytronic's Projected Capacity Technology (PCT ™ and MPCT ™) has the advantage that even if the screen is dirty with rainwater or dust, it will not be affected and the user will be able to react accurately when touched with gloves on. An additional benefit for users and operators is that the flat, all-glass QSR kiosk screen is easy to clean.

Mr. Takatani stated as follows. "I think there are other double-sided signage products on the market, but most aren't interactive and few are thin. They display for a wide viewing angle even in strong sunlight. It's unlikely that you'll be able to keep your screen "true black" at all times. At Signage, we're very pleased with the launch of our interactive infoverre ® product, a touch that guarantees Zytronic's durability and reliability. Thanks to the sensors, QSR and other self-service operators also ensure that the introduction of infoverre ® products will lead to future cost savings in terms of maintenance, power consumption, reduced revenue and more. "

If you would like to discuss the latest project needs, please make a reservation by email ( ). Also, if you would like to know more about our touch screen technology, please contact us here. For more information on Zytronic's touch sensor technology, please visit our official website ( ).

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